Your first appointment will normally last 1-2 hours. It includes a full medical and personal history (please bring details of any medications you may be taking) and a treatment.

At every appointment, the pulses on both of your wrists will be taken and your practitioner will ask to look at your tongue in order to assess your state of health.

Follow up appointments last 45 minutes to 1 hour. If possible, wear loose comfortable clothes and keep jewellery to a minimum.

After a treatment some people feel energised while some feel relaxed and even a little drowsy so bear this in mind when you plan the rest of your day.

Your practitioner has been fully trained in all of the following techniques and will discuss these with you as part of your individual treatment plan.

Inserting fine needles into the skin is probably the best known of the techniques. There are several hundred recognised acupuncture points, which are found all over the body. Once inserted, needles may be left in for up to 20 minutes or may be removed almost immediately. The location and number of acupuncture points used in a treatment will depend on the diagnosis and current state of your health, but we often find that fewer points can have a more powerful effect.

Moxa is a dried and ground Chinese herb. It can be made into cones applied to the skin or placed onto the end of an acupuncture needle then lit. It can also be used in stick form. Moxa is often used when you need 'warming up' or energising.

Cups are applied to the skin using a vacuum, and left in place for up to 20 minutes. They can be very useful for pain or fever.

Guasha is a traditional Chinese family medicine which involves stroking a specially shaped tool over an area of skin. Again it is useful for pain or fever, and can be great for tense shoulders.

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Acupuncture and moxabustion

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